It's my personal mission to change how the world sees myself and my industry. To me, I'm not a service provider. I'm not a waiter taking your order at the beginning of your appointment. I'm an artist. I think about your hair over my morning cup of coffee or my afternoon walk. Your next color is always on my mind. Painting a moving, breathing piece of art you get to wear everyday is pretty damn groovy, don't ya think?

At the tender age of 3 years old, I found the cheap haircutting scissors my mom kept in the bathroom and gave myself some epic baby bangs. At the ripe old age of 8, I was "highlighting" my Barbie's hair with nail polish and aluminum foil. I have been beauty obsessed as long as I can remember and quite frankly destined to make hair my canvas and bleach, foils, and tubes of color my medium. Hair is my art.


for creatives + ARTISTS

i CREATE vibrant hair

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I know that your hair means everything. I know exactly how much it means to feel special, confident, seen, and heard. That's why I strive to create an experience that leaves you feeling like the bad bitch you are!

I've been a stylist for 15 years and have never felt more in love and dedicated to my craft. I specialize in blonding, vivid & fantasy colors, and hair extensions. I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend advanced trainings with industry experts several times a year.

While most stylists create amazing hair, I see being your stylist as so much more. I know that your hair is an outward expression of how you feel inside. I aim to never assume "same as last time" because your look should evolve along with you. I'm just as invested in what's on your heart, your wins, and your dreams as I am your color formula. I'm in it with you for the long haul!

When I'm not in the salon, you can find me shopping at local thrift spots, hitting the bag hard at kickboxing, or on my next great adventure with my hubby Tom and fur baby, Beefy.

I can't wait to create your most amazing hair yet. Be sure to check out my services and book your appointment so we can create a work of art you get to wear everyday!

hi, i'm emily mccall + i am on a mission to create unique hair for the artists and creatives of the world.

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Ja-neil P.

I absolutely love Emily she makes you feel comfortable, she is willing to come up with an idea when you have no clue what you want and she makes it a great environment to be in. She excels with making your hair and you feel and look absolutely beautiful.

"I absolutely LOVE  Emily." 

Kacie k.

Emily is AMAZING! She’s wildly talented and incredibly professional - not to mention a total joy to be around! Her expert approach to vivids hair color completely leveled-up my hair and I get compliments constantly. I’m so happy to be a walking billboard for Uncensored and I can’t wait to come back! Truly the dopest place in the area to get your hair done. I can’t recommend Emily enough.

"Her expert approach to vivids hair color completely leveled-up my hair and I get compliments constantly." 

Erika b.

Emily is fantastic in making my hair dreams become a reality. My opinions are always listened to and I leave with hair I love! It’s just an added bonus that the entire appointment I feel like I am hanging out with an extension of my friend group.

"Emilys is a true artist."

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